World Intercessory Network

E4N WIN Director:  Sharon Edgell

  1. The Prophetic Shield for Ohio.
  2. Now is the time to come together.
    1. Round table meetings in at least 6 strategic areas. Pulling in that areas vision,God given
    2. directions and gift to the state.
    3. Pulling out delegates to represent that area for future contacts and other area meetings.
    4. One central round table gathering with representation of all the delegates from the whole state. We need Apostles, Prophets, Intercessors and hopefully civil government leaders. Accomplishing the complete shield of Ohio.
  3. We at E4N Win leadership want to come along side of each area and help knit the state together.

E4Network Win Leadership is here to:

  1. Pray for your needs and help celebrate in the times of joy. Touching heaven for you.
    1. through a prayer chain
    2. e-mails
    3. phone calls
    4. letters and pictures
  2. Hold area/regional meetings for:
    1. training of intercessors
    2. setting p prayer in the church
    3. prayer walks
    4. prayer shields
    5. strategic prayer
    6. taking your cities
    7. teaching children to pray
    8. gifting of Intercession

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