Bishop Brad Reynolds

Bishop Brad Reynolds

Welcome to the Ephesians 4 Network Website!! The E4 Network is an eight state conference within the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. E4N has been given a region in which we carry out our mission of church planting and church revitalization.

While E4N is a new ministry (organized in 2001), our mother organization is the oldest Pentecostal movement in the United States (chartered in 1898). This gives us the best of both worlds:

  1. We are new, relevant and fresh, without all the 'weights' of an old established organization,
  2. We are solid because of our heritage and grounding in an established organization. We are both anchored and free to flow with the Spirit of God.

While the eight state regions (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and parts of Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania) is our primary focus for church planting, we have ministers, churches and ministries that are E4N members from several states. Today, being a part of a 'ministry team' stems out of 'established relationships and divine connections'. We welcome you to join our E4N family and become an active part in this modern day move of God!

We believe that the biblical model for success is the Ephesians 4 Model. We promote the five-fold ministry office and believe that EVERY MEMBER of the Body of Christ is salvageable to the churches success. Read through the following website and 'see' our vision! Feel our heart and our burden for the lost! God has given us an assignment that we must accomplish. Pray for us and with us as we work together to ADVANCE the great Kingdom of God. Today is the greatest opportunity for the church of Jesus Christ and the best is yet to come!

In His service,

Brad Reynolds
E4N Superintendent/Bishop

Bishop Brad's Bio:

Senior Pastor of Crossroads Worship Center in Howard City, MI, and President/Bishop of the Ephesians 4 Network, Brad Reynolds is a preacher impassioned to see churches empowered by the Spirit of God. His ministry wins souls to Jesus and encourages church growth through a variety of means. God often uses Brad's operation in the gifts of the Spirit to bring about miracles in local church bodies, while his prophetic edge speaks God's living Word into the lives of those in attendance.

In addition to his positions at Crossroads and the Ephesians 4 Network (a conference of the IPHC spanning eight states), Brad currently oversees four non-profit organizations including the E4N Bible Training Center. His history in administration qualifies him to share wisdom and insight with those in ministerial leadership positions, evangelism, missions work and church plants. With extensive experience training leaders and church consulting, Brad helps leaders become all they can be in the Lord and achieve the goals God has called them to fulfill.

Brad's anointing is evident, and his successful teaching of fellow pastors and church leaders with God's message has made an impact nationwide. As you are looking for ministers with God's heart for leadership and shepherding, we invite you to bring in Bishop Brad Reynolds. He will inspire you and your church to a greater dedication in serving God.

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